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About Us

We’re on a mission to make furniture ownership convenient, more affordable, and more sustainable – for everyone.

Our Story

Founders Luciano D’Angelo and Jeff Ralphs met at League, a digital health benefits provider. Since graduating from university, they had both moved several times for work and always disliked the experience of bringing their furniture from one place to the next. Also, since they were never sure how long they would be in a city, they steered clear of high-quality items and instead lived with pieces they didn’t really like.

They created Model Living to provide people with a unique alternative to traditional furniture ownership. An alternative where you can get the high-quality items you love in a much more affordable and sustainable way. Since you have the flexibility to return or swap your items, you never have to worry about throwing stuff out again.

Our Core Values

These are some of the values we live by, as a company.


Wow Our Customers

Always strive to deliver the best possible customer experience.


Focus on Invention

Work on the biggest problems, be bold, and make your ideas a reality.


Embrace Uniqueness

Contribute to the community and be part of an environment that supports learning and growth.


Think Long-Term

Advance the mission in a positive way while always keeping the long-term in mind.

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